We are looking to represent conservatives and liberals alike

1.)  Getting money out of politics, public funding of campaigns, and overturning the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United.

2.)  Putting an end to big money, special interest groups, and their  lobbies; oil, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, private insurance, finance (wall  street), and the military industrial complex.

3.) Economic  prosperity for all, and not the rich few. Creating a system that works  for all people, and ending the need for excessive social welfare.

4.)  Removal of corporate owned and dominated media which has become the  propaganda machine for the social and political elite. Creating truly  public and objective airwaves open to all.

5.) Fighting and  ending horrible free trade agreements which have stripped the US of  millions of good paying jobs. By ending the outsourcing of labor to the  developing world, and punishing those which continue to do so, it is our  goal to bring jobs back to America.

6.) Racial and sex (gender orientation and identity) equality. Equal pay for equal work, civil rights for all.

7.)  Environment over corporate profits. Making a huge push to shift away  from fossil fuels towards renewable energies (solar, wind,  hydroelectric, etc). This is not only smart from an environmental  protection standpoint, but from a business one as well. Hundreds of  thousands of renewable energy jobs will be created with this initiative.

8.) Reverence for indigenous cultures, land, and treaties. Making right past wrongs to the indigenous peoples North America,

9.)  No more expeditious wars, regime changes, and endless conflicts. We are  not pacifists, and we promote the use of force when tyranny threatens  the world, but we will not support conflicts based on loose  intelligence, that aim to expand corporate imperialism around the globe.

10.)  Reviewing and changing the laws regarding drug abuse (users, not  distributors). Legalizing drugs like marijuana, comparatively less  harmful than alcohol, and creating real social safety nets for those who  fall victim to the use of harder illicit drugs. As well, reviewing the  prescription drug industry.  

11.) Reinstating voting rights to  convicted criminals who lost the very thing that makes them American:  voting. If they can continue to pay taxes, they should be able to  continue to vote.

12.)  "Earmarked" legislation is the most corrupt form of government. Thomas  Jefferson warned against it when it was first allowed... since then it  has snowballed out of control by a Congress that writes its own rules.  Line item voting ( NOT veto) will restore accountability to the House  and Senate. Single item voting will eliminate corrupt and wasteful  spending bills